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Herschel Walker Pushups

Herschel Walker Pushups Workout

The Herschel Walker pushup workout is something that does not come overnight and it certainly is nothing creative. He changes his stance of his hands once in a while but basically it consists of repetitions and plenty of them.

When trying to get to 1500 push-ups you need to make sure that you are eating correctly in order to give your body the best chance of recuperating so that you can do more push-ups the next time. Eating correctly means eating protein as many times a day as you can and not large quantities.

Herschel explains that he started doing push-ups when he was young and watching TV. He would get down on the floor and squeeze out as many push-ups as he could during the commercial break. This obviously got him to the point where he can actually do 1500 push-ups without stopping.

Even today he does not believe in training with weights and although he is a top MMA competitor he still does not train weights on a regular basis. But he is in very good shape at 50 years old and just like Jack Lalanne, maybe that is the reason why.

Reaching the point of failure is something that you will get used to when trying to get to 1500 push-ups without stopping. But just like jogging or any exercise, it comes from progressive resistance which means that you need to make sure that every time you train that you are increasing the number of reps.

Herschel combines his push-ups with abs and does sit-ups which he says he is now doing 2000 to 3500 sit-ups in one session. But that will be in another article as this article is talking about push-ups. It is easy to cheat when doing push-ups and sit-ups but one should first try and do them correctly.

There is no problem in cheating when you get to the point of failure as this will help you call in other muscle groups. For example pushing your bum in the air will take the strain off your chest and put more stress on your shoulders.

It is a good idea to break up your training sessions and try and train your push-ups three or even four times a day. This will definitely help you reach your goal of 1500 push-ups a lot quicker.

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