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Gymnastics Bodyweight Exercises

Gymnastics muscle building exercises

Every four years when people see the incredible natural strength and muscle mass of gymnast we all seem to get fascinated by training with bodyweight. But the truth is that bodyweight training has always been a very effective way of improving the shape of your body.

This is nothing new obviously when one looks at the natural strength and size of a guerilla's muscle or any other animal we clearly see that it I not because of lifting weights. Probably the reason that a gymnast gets so much upper body muscle is because of the angle of his strength holds.

What this means is that when a gymnast performs an exercise like the iron cross his arms are completely straight and he is supporting his whole bodyweight on his arms. This puts an enormous amount of stress on the upper body and the result is an increase in muscle.

When you can do a bodyweight exercise like the Planche which is essentially a pushup position held with the feet off the floor, you are strong. What is interesting to note is that gymnasts who can do Planche pushups perform double their bodyweight bench presses on their first attempts no problem.

But the same can be said for many different bodyweight exercises that gymnasts do even if they are doing it only for a warm-up, they get strong. For example when you perform body weight exercises like Hindu squats and Hindu pushups, you are working all of the major muscle groups as a unit.

This is a big difference to do the extremely isolated movements of a weight trainer. A bodybuilder or weight trainer is trying to isolate the specific muscle as much as possible. In fact the more specific the isolation the more satisfied a bodybuilder will be.

Bodyweight workouts require a deeper level of self-concentration as they are "natural" movements. When you focus on yourself, the neurological connections are stronger which leads to a much more intensive workout. Weight trainers will argue this as not being true but the results prove otherwise.

Bodyweight training allows you to work your body from virtually any angle or position. The same cannot be said of weights, and this goes double for exercise machines. Body weight exercises attack the muscle at a deeper level than weights, giving you a greater "functional strength".

Another example of this (besides the Planche pushup example above) is an individual who does pull-ups vs another individual who uses the lat pull-down machine. The person doing the pull-ups can easily use the machine. Again, the reverse is not true.

It can be said that the inner core strength that one can develop by doing bodyweight exercises is something that will show when you start getting muscles. But the point is that this strength is true strength and not just a strength that produces muscles from specific isolation.

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Mike Thiga

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