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P90X Workout

P90X Review

Power 90 Extreme, a.k.a. P90X, is a cycle of 90 days of training to get the body into ultra-sharp condition. It is an upgrade from the P90 training program.

There is a difference between the aim of the P90 program and the P90X program. The P90 program is primarily for new beginners to fitness whereas the P90X is for those who are already generally in shape. The P90X is a cycle to take the body even further.

Parameters of the P90X

The parameters of the P90X are a six day week for working out with one day of rest per week. It is no single style of training but mixes weight lifting, stretching, pylometrics and cardio/aerobic work.

This is a guided program – that’s the advantage it provides – a plan to put everything into play. This includes a fitness plan, a nutrition guide, and a fitness test. The direction comes via several DVDs so that you can walk your way through the course and know what is expected instead of being left to guess about what to do.

P90X employs a variety of fitness tools and can be done at home if you have these tools or at the local gym if you do not.

P90X is a holistic program in that it also includes a dietary aspect that is quite important. The first four weeks include a high protein, low carb style diet, and over the next several weeks the carbohydrate intake is cranked up to fuel the challenging workouts.

Muscle Confusion

Like P90, the P90X program is built on the premise of muscle confusion, or keeping the muscles working and guessing and in turn growing to respond to the varied challenges. And this approach works well if you go hard after it. P90X is a programmed way to take advantage of muscle confusion and yes, it does work. It is a great tool for getting away from having to map out your own training and just getting into the prescribed course and diet.

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