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Clapping Pull ups

Benefits of clapping pull ups

The idea might sound completely ridiculous when you start doing pull-ups for the first time but it really is possible to do them and even do reps. If you don't believe that it can be done just take a look on youtube and you will see for yourself how it is done.

It goes without saying that one needs an enormous amount of explosive strength in order to pull yourself up beyond the point where your chin goes past the chinning bar. You need to be able to pull yourself well past the bar as you will be sinking down quickly as you release your grip.

This takes time and plenty of practice and should only be attempted by someone who can do at least 20 good reps on a chinning bar. When you try the clapping pull-up for the first time do not get disheartened when you fail. It takes co-ordination, explosive strength and good timing.

It also goes without saying that a warm-up when doing this radical and very advanced method of doing chin-ups is vital. You will damage your complex set of back muscles very easily if you do not warm-up and prepare your muscles correctly for the onslaught.

How to do clapping pull ups

There are a few tips mentioned below that will make it a little easier to practice doing the clapping pull-up. Simple thing like making sure that you thrust your chest forward and lean back slightly as you start each rep so that your chin is away from the bar.

A few other tips when practicing to do this movement is to do this exercise on a bar that you can reach on your tip toes so that you do not have far to drop if you get it wrong. They say that the more muscle you have the faster and more explosive capable of generating an explosive force.

When doing clapping pull-ups speed is the key, the faster you move the more chance of success you have. Also make sure there are no dangerous obstacles in your path in case you drop back to the ground. This is something that needs a little preparation and you need to practice this a lot before you will get it right.

Breathing is vitally important to help you get that speed so before the start of each rep and try to imagine your body being as light as possible. Expel the air powerfully as you travel upwards (This will help to develop power similar to that displayed by martial artists when they perform breaking techniques).

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