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The 3 Best Bodyweight
Endurance Workouts


There are a ton of weird sports superstitions, luckily in the realm of actually getting in shape there is a ton of research you can plan your workouts around instead of what some friend of a friend who took a sports medicine class at community college thinks you should do.

To improve endurance and prevent plateau, you will need an intense 7-Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout, Circuit Resistance Training, and the ultimate, do-anywhere diehard metabolic circuit!

1. 7-Minute Bodyweight Jump Start Circuit

Yes, seven minutes! Seven minutes not sound like a long enough time to experience any substantial results for an effective endurance training session. How can you develop improved athletic performance and increased endurance in seven minutes? Well, it is doable!

A seven-minute workout provides considerable results. Perform as many consecutive repetitions as you can of a high-intensity exercise for a duration of 20 to 50 seconds. Depending on your level of conditioning, allow for 10 seconds of rest for a total of only seven minutes. You burn more calories and increase stamina and strength in less time than traditional cardiovascular training. Rope jumping and high-knee running in place is ideal.

2. Circuit Resistance Training

Bodyweight circuits are a low impact alternative and can be effective as a recovery and aerobic capacity workout at about 50-60% intensity. You can perform bodyweight push ups, pull ups, chins, jumping squats, lateral lunges, and burpees in a circuit. Start with 10-12 reps in a training circuit. In the beginning, you can do two circuits and then progress to 3 times through. Rest for 3-4 minutes per circuit.

3. Do-Anywhere Diehard Metabolic Circuit

You can start with 50 reps of each of the exercises in a varying circuit as fast as you can without rest. You do not have to do 50 at first. You can start out with 15 to 20 reps and then graduate to 25 repetitions, etc. Then transition to jumping jacks and then another set of pushups and so forth.

These are actually similar to the types of cardio training that top of the line Crossfit athletes perform. For instance Dan Bailey has talked extensively about his cardio workouts and how using a similar HIIT workout he has been able to develop the power that his body has.

Ultimate Pre-Workout Formula!

The most important aspect to remember when searching for nutrition supplements is to focus on the key active ingredients especially for pre-workout endurance training. It is important to include this foursome! The ultimate pre-workout formula should include:


• Purpose: Energy.

• Recommended dose: 200-500 mg, or 1.8-2.7 mg per kg of body weight.

• Benefits: Caffeine is a powerful ergogenic aid or athletic performance booster.


• Purpose: Creates an anabolic environment. Directly used for muscle energy.

• Recommended dose: 5g in pre-workout and 20g max per day.

• Benefits: BCAAs-leucine, isoleucine, and valine are instrumental in controlling protein metabolism, suppressing protein breakdown, and increasing protein synthesis.

You need a ratio of 2:1:1 respectively. Leucine has the highest degree of amino acid and is invaluable as a pre-workout supplement because it stimulates muscle protein synthesis. Per dose of BCAAs, you can use 3g of leucine. It provides immediate protection against the adverse effects of a catabolic environment produced by an intense workout.

The use of BCAAs can help minimize some of the muscle soreness that occurs following an intense workout. Consistency is all important to workout hard and quick without downtime due to sore muscles.


• Purpose: Enhances muscle endurance and supports recovery.

• Recommended dose: 1.5-5g.

• Benefits: Beta-alanine can enhance overall training performance while pumping out reps. How it works is by providing you with the ability to maintain your training intensity for a longer period. Beta-alanine is a major asset in your endurance and athletic performance training needs.


•Purpose: Dynamic strength and power. Creatine delivers improved strength.

•Recommended dose: 5g in pre-workout, max dosage up to 20g per day

•Benefits: Creatine enhances the body's ability to perform extreme intensity workouts. It also maximizes muscle size and bodybuilding gains. Creatine boosts recovery. Most importantly, it serves as a catalyst for protein synthesis.

You cannot go wrong with the above foursome, result-oriented ingredients that are notable for being effective.

The supplements are in order of priority for use in a pre-workout stack. You should make it a point to review the ingredients of the nutrition supplements you choose to ensure value and optimum performance suitable for your endurance training needs.

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