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Wrestlers bridge benefits

Performing the wresters bridge or neck bridge has come under a lot of criticism over the years as it could break your neck or one can get injured if doien wrong. But there is no doubt that doing the wrestlers bridge will increase the strength in your neck as well as your core strength.

The reason why the wrestlers use the bridge is that it is a way to avoid being eliminated in a bout when you are getting pinned down. The rules of wrestling permit an athlete to defend against the pin by bridging. This is a defensive technique and would only be used when a wrestler is losing.

This is done by putting your head on the mat and arching your spine deeply so your back and shoulders are pushed up far away from the mat, preventing the pin. Wrestlers in a mixed martial arts fight can also use the bridge to escape the mount, which is the position in which the opponent is on top of you while you are on your back.

How to do wrestlers bridge

Bridging is something that increases your core strength and is something that is practiced a lot by many bodybuilders. But it is not like any other exercise where you simply do as many reps as you can until failure. Reaching the point of failure is dangerous and not recommended.

You should start by doing reps which is basically the movement of getting yourself into a complete bridging position. It is also something that you should hold at the top of the bridge so that you can get used to the strength that is involved in keeping that bridge position.

There are a few different options that you can do when bridging as you can bridge very effectively using your hands where you start lying face up on the floor and push your hips off the ground supporting your weight on your hands and feet.

The other option is directly on your head which puts enormous strain on your neck as you lift your bodyweight off the ground supported by your head and your feet only. The neck bridge takes more practice and needs some time to be able to stay in that position.

Holding that bridge position for three minutes is an effective target, but to be achieved with practice. The famous wrestler Karl Gotch could supposedly hold a bridge continuously for 47 minutes, but most people should never attempt such a feat.

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