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 “This Program Solves A Problem That 99% of All Other Muscle Building Programs Fail To Do.”


Research shows that 45% of people who want to get into bodybuilding either don’t have access to weightlifting equipment or they can’t afford to pay for gym memberships. And since virtually all bodybuilding ebooks focus on building muscle using weights, a good 45% of people are left unsatisfied, and that means that almost HALF of the market is left untapped.

If you have a list or a bodybuilding blog/website, I’ll bet that a HUGE number of your followers are dying to build muscle but simply don’t have access to weights (don’t believe me? Ask them).

That’s where The Muscle Experiment comes in…

The Muscle Experiment SuperFreak System teaches people how they can build all the muscle they want without using weights or going to the gym. In a nutshell, this program will reach the remaining 45% of people whose needs have not been met by any other muscle building product. And you know what else that means for you? Kaching!


In addition to the unreached bodybuilding community, you now have the capacity to reach the bodyweight training community. These are the guys who have decided to stick with bodyweight training from the very beginning. These guys also want to build muscle just as badly as weightlifters (believe me), but most bodyweight training programs focus on fat loss or physical conditioning. So if you can reach these guys with a product that actually fulfils their biggest desire, you WILL make lots of money.

And remember: My goal is to give you only the best factual information that will help you make sales. Because I only make money when YOU make money.

Promoting The Muscle Experiment:

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How To Build Pounds Of Solid Muscle Without Ever Having To Lift Weights
If you don’t have access to weights or simply can’t afford to pay for those super expensive gym memberships, here’s your chance to finally build that muscle mass that you’ve always wanted.

The Muscle Experiment, written by Mike Thiga, is a complete step-by-step muscle building system that teaches skinny guys to build large amounts of muscle using little known bodyweight training techniques. These same techniques helped him gain 39 pounds in exactly 23 weeks.
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The Muscle Experiment, By Mike Thiga
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Why This Muscle Building System Is Called "Perfect"
The “SuperFreak System” is quickly gaining notoriety among trainees everywhere. Created by Mike Thiga, this foolproof muscle building system will get you from Skinny to SuperFreak in record time. And you’ll never have to lift a single weight or even go to a gym.
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