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Bodyweight Calf Training

Bodyweight Calf Workout for Mass

Rise up

Did you know there is an exercise for your calves you can perform almost anywhere. Like the push-up, you don’t need any apparatus or a gym membership to work on your calves in this manner. The exercise is the standing calf raise on a single leg. You bend your knee and lift one foot behind you and perform the calf raise on the other foot.

All you need is a step or any solid platform that will support your waist and start pumping out the repetitions. The only requirement is that the step or platform is high enough so that you can obtain a full range of motion for working the calf. The best calf stimulation comes from the widest range of motion so you want to be able to drop your heel as far down as possible, and then some.

Single leg calf raise can be performed virtually anywhere.

Use a backpack filled with books or a weight vest to add more challenge.

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