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Inverted Push Ups

The push up is a stellar exercise, building up several muscle groups in the upper torso as well as benefiting the core. However, you can top out with the push up. To take the stimulation from the push up to the next level, step up to the inverted push up.

The inverted push up is performed with your feet up. How far up you get them is up to you. Some people use straps that rest a few feet off the ground to get the feet up. Others place their feet on a table or other relatively high platform and some get real extreme and place their feet skyward, balanced on a wall.

The inverted push up puts a lot more pressure on the muscles as gravity gains a bigger role in the movement. This means you can build your muscles more with the inverted push up than the standard push up.

Use a full range of motion for the inverted push up. Yes, it is tougher but you build the muscle more readily with a full range of motion.

Start off with a few sets of as many reps as you can get. The reps initially will be far fewer than they were with the standard push up but stick with it for several sessions and the reps will pick up. The best way to move ahead is to shoot for one more repetition each workout. Perform 3-4 sets of the inverted push up at least once a week, and if your rotation works out, twice a week.

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