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Muscle Control Maxick

Maxick Muscle Control

Maxick was a man that was way ahead of his time and someone who has taught himself the power of the mind and overcoming the burdens or challenges that life brings. He was born in 1882 and at early age caught a disease that we do not see these days called Rickets.

The simple reason that we do not see this disease anymore is because of effective antibiotics but in his day it was devastating and sometimes even fatal. But lying in bed he decided that he could find a way to isolate muscles and using his powers of concentration became the strongest man in the world.

At a height of only 5'4" he was able to lift incredible weights which he said were developed by learning the difference between tension and relaxation. He stressed the importance of isolation and the ability to relax a certain muscle group completely.

He stressed that the ability of a muscle to contract is directly proportional to its ability to relax. This comes from practice just like anything else to do with muscles in the body and Maxick was living proof that the simple power of concentration and focus can produce incredible results.

He certainly had many unique ideas on how to train a muscle and stressed that doing a mechanical exercise may actually hinder muscle development. He had very specific ways of breaking through a plateau or sticking point that even today is unique.

He spoke often and wrote about the vital importance of muscle-control if you want to be an athlete. He covered subjects like muscle binding and how to avoid it but he also had unique ideas on what he called “dormant flexion" and "passive relaxation". This small man had a big way of training that worked and he proved it by becoming the strongest pound for pound man in the world.

His training was unique and innovative and even today would be difficult to prove wrong with all our modern scientific methods of testing and training. His views on the effect of support muscle groups on tension and relaxation were something totally unique. His book on training and how to plan your workouts is something that has been over-looked by science.

He is quoted as saying "…The control of the surrounding muscle will in turn be hindered by the proximity of a muscle group that will not absolutely relax." – Maxick This is just a sample of the innovative thinker he was when it came to training a muscle and he was without a doubt far ahead of his time.

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