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100 Push Ups Training

How to do 100 pushups in a row

Pushups have been a favorite in the military all across the world and for very good reason. It not only shows how strong and/or fit you are but it also demonstrates your core strength because that is what you need when doing a pushup.

Doing 100 pushups in a row is something that is an honorable objective but you need to have a plan on exactly how you are going to get to that point. Before we start on the specific way to develop and reach that objective we first need to examine the pushup.

Any pushup training is phenomenal all inclusive training as it works muscles from the wrists to neck and everything in between! Starting from the pectorals to the triceps, to anterior deltoids down to abdominals where the serratus anterior contracts during pushups to hold the scapula against the rib cage.

When starting on a plan to get to 100 pushups without stopping you need to first know exactly what your current ability is so that you can measure your progress. Doing a pushup correctly is something that you need to know how to do.

When you know exactly how to do a perfect pushup then you will know exactly when you are cheating. Cheating is easy to do as you lift your bum in the air or do not bend your arms to 90 degrees are all variations of cheating which is not going to help you do 100 pushups correctly.

It should be noted that these muscles can be more intensified depending on hand positions in pushups. These hand positions can vary greatly and should vary depending on your own specific strengths and weaknesses that you have when you start to reach the point of failure.

Below is an example of the various alternatives that you should use when training to do 100 pushups without stopping. It is wise to start by aiming for 50 reps without stopping and once you get to that point to be very aware of where you are failing first.

One should also be aware that the list of pushups listed below is also able to be specifically adapted to suit your specific requirements depending on your strengths and weaknesses.

One Set (No rest between sets, continuous)
1. 10 – Close hand push-ups 2. 10 – Spiderman push-ups
3. 10 – Wide grip
4. 5 second hold – Shoulder width push-ups
5. Repeat set two more times (3 total)

One Set (No rest between exercises, continuous)
1. 10 push-ups in 1 minute (the slower the better)
2. 10 Spiderman push-ups

Doing the super slow push up makes regular pushups feel easy.

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Mike Thiga

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