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Planche Push Up Benefits

Muscles Worked Planche Push Up

We all know that a normal push-up is a great strength training exercise that will help to develop chest, shoulders and the triceps without adding any additional weight. For people who have built up sufficient strength where doing a regular push-up no longer pose any serious challenge then planche push-ups should be done when trying to get stronger only using bodyweight.

Over the years there have been a number of movements that have been identified to improve core strength like ‘the plank’ or the bridge. But there are other movements like the planche push-up which although difficult to perform correctly get great results in increasing core strength.

If you train with bodyweight on a regular basis then you will know that the development of core strength is the basis of getting any increase in strength. The planche push-up when done correctly will increase your core strength as well as effectively isolate the muscles in your pecs, shoulders and arms.

The planche pushup is an extremely challenging exercise working the upper body as well as the legs and the core muscles in the gut. It takes some time to learn how to do it correctly and also requires proper progression with correct form. When doing a planche push-up you first need to master the Frog stand.

You do this by squatting to the floor with your backside a couple of inches off the floor. Your hands should be the same distance as your hips and placed on the floor in front of your feet. As you bend your elbows you shift your weight forward in order to get your knees to touch your bent elbows where you start to squeeze your elbows with your knees or inner thighs.

You then slowly start to raise your heels off the ground leaning on your arms/elbows until your back is completely parallel to the floor with your feet in the air crossed behind you at the ankles. When you can uncross your ankles and point your toes behind you and your feet are parallel to your hands on the floor you are doing a planche push-up correctly.

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