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Bodyweight Muscle Shock Workout

Shock your muscles into growth by simplifying

Bodyweight exercises are often overlooked by bodybuilders who think that if the objective is muscle gain how can training with bodyweight help. If we add this together with the fact that we always need to shock the muscles into growth if we are dealing with a training plateau then doing bodyweight movements can certainly help.

Simple movements like pull-ups and push-ups when done on a continuous basis during a workout can have a dramatic effect on your overall strength and help you to break through a training plateau you might be struggling with. We will start with push-ups, which should always be done by doing the concentric movement, which is pushing upwards for 2 seconds.

The eccentric movement, which is coming down to the ground after the push-up is complete, should also be 2 seconds. The push-up should also be with a wide grip that is wider than your shoulders and using your clenched fist and not flat hands on the floor.

You would then start by doing a strict push for as many as you can until you reach failure. You then rest for 60 seconds and then resume these push-ups doing as many as you can until you reach the point of failure again and then rest for 60 seconds. This should continue for a total of 15 or 20 minutes without stopping. If you are unable to complete the push-up you should bend your knees and do push-ups from your knees so that you can still do more than 6 reps before you reach the point of failure.

If you are training your back you will need a pull-up bar or a chinning bar where you would then do exactly the same. However reaching the point of failure happens quicker when doing pull-ups so you should have the help of a training partner to lift your knees up and help you complete a set when you reach the point of failure.

This would be the same as bending your legs and doing a push-up while resting on your knees. Completing as many pull-ups using the same 2 seconds on the concentric contraction and the 2 seconds as you lower yourself back down you if have not been training for a long time.

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To your success,

Mike Thiga

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