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Human Flag Exercise

human flag exercise

Human Flag Exercise Progression

It looks super cool – like something from cirque du soleil. The human flag exercise takes super human strength. It involves boosting your body up and straight out on a pole, parallel to but well off the ground.

You can start off doing the flag, semi-supported, on horizontal bars, lifting one side at a time up. This will get you familiar with some of the muscles needed to perform the flag movement.

You will need strong arms but the real power in the human flag effort is the core. You will need to develop a very powerful core muscle group to do the human flag.

Become familiar with using your body weight by performing a lot of push-ups, chin-ups and dips, and go for the high reps and really build that endurance strength into your body.

Also work on some semi-flag action with your body weight. Hang from a chin-up bar and then raise your legs to one side, then rotate them over to the other side, all the while maintaining your hold on the bars. Do several sets of this swinging motion.

Once you have a lot of body weight work under your belt move into performing the vertical human flag, with most of your body in a vertical position. From here gradually work your way down to a more horizontal position of your body over the course of some time. Then its time to go for the real deal, the human flag. Pull with your upper hand, brace with your lower, and lift those legs out to the side and hold the position for as long as you can. Keep working at it until you can hold the flag position for several seconds.

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