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Handstand Pushups Progression

How to increase handstand pushups

The progression that you get when doing handstand push-ups is a vitally important part in getting good results from this movement. If you have never done handstand pushups in the past you need to start off with just a brief movement and see how strong you are.

What this means is that you would start with your feet resting comfortably against a wall and the bend your elbows until it reaches a book or two that you have placed below your head. If you start off with this you will soon see how strong you are and how much range of motion you can do.

One should start off by doing these mid-range motions and even reach a point of failure which will happen rather quickly when you first start. After you have reached a point that you can do a handstand pushup without using any books and that your head is touching the ground you are ready for the last step.

The last step is achieving complete and full range of motion on your shoulders and triceps. This is done by going past the point where your head would touch the ground. You do this by putting your hands on two equally sized books under each hand.

The thickness of the books that you use will be the extent that you are able to go past the point of your head. This will be something that you will be able to measure very specifically and you will be able to monitor your progress very well.

When you have reached a point of full extension then you will have reached a point where your hands are level with your shoulders. When you are able to do that then you will be working your anterior deltoids and triceps to full range. It will not take long for you to notice a difference in your shoulders.

Choosing the sets and reps that you work is going to be an important part of increasing the speed of your progression. The first point is that you should not go to the point of failure on your handstand pushups more than once a week.

Lots of rest and some intense training when you do train is the key to achieving a full range handstand pushup. Your sets and reps can be anything from a pyramid to 4 sets of 8 reps but it is important that you keep a record of your progress so that you know what to aim for in the next workout.

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