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Bodyweight Bodybuilding Routine

Bodybuilding bodyweight workout

There are many different types of bodyweight workouts that one can choose from. They can range from swimming to inversion techniques and isometric tension as well as plyometric and dynamic tension. But if your objective is to increase the amount of muscle that you carry then you should do the following.

Although all these movements recommended below have other alternatives that you can choose from you should be very aware that these are selected because they produce the fastest strength gains which results in muscle gains as we all know progressive resistance leads to muscle gains.

Handstand push-ups are an upper body exercise that is the equivalent to the squat but on your upper body. In addition to making your shoulders super strong, "pump" addicts will love how this exercise blows your arms up. It is best to start off doing these exercises with support of a wall.

Rather than looking straight down, look forward just as you would when doing a barbell military press. Lower yourself under control to the floor and when your head touches the floor, press yourself back up to the starting position. Repeat for 5-10 reps. If you cannot complete one rep, do a static hold and work in some negatives.

One arm pushup is a great exercise to build up the pecs. It requires a great deal of stability and will fry the triceps and shoulders as well. Place one arm behind your back and lower yourself to the floor with the other arm. Once your chest touches the floor, press yourself back up.

If you find the standard one-arm pushup too easy, apply a technique called one-arm one-leg pushups. Hold one leg up in the air as you do a one-arm pushup.

Door pull-ups are a pulling exercise that can be done with just about any door (assuming that the door that you choose is not too flimsy). Open a door halfway and place a towel over the top. Place your hands on the towel and let yourself hang off the door.

Pull yourself up against the door until your chin is over the top of the door. Lower yourself slowly back to the starting position. The action of your hand which cannot be supinated because of the door will make sure that you are using the important parts of your back and forearms.

One legged squat is a great way to isolate the leg muscles and can achieve the same result in a tenth of the time. Hold one leg in front of you and hold your arms out straight ahead. Looking forward at all times, lower yourself slowly on one leg. As you pass the parallel position, flex your butt and stomach as hard as you can and pull yourself down to the bottom position. Hold the bottom position for a second and rise back up to the starting position.

Now it is time to work the hamstrings and develop some explosive power by doing the knee jump. You start the exercise by kneeling on the ground making sure that your feet are flat and that your butt is resting on your calves. Look forward at all times. To initiate the exercise, swing your arms back and then forward immediately.

As you swing your arms forward jump from your knees to your feet in one explosive movement, it should be noted that the finish position will look like the bottom position of a squat. Slowly get yourself back to the starting position and repeat.

The next exercise is the Handstand leg raise which you should start by putting a folded towel on the floor to rest your head on. Get on all fours and place the top of your head on the towel. Place your arms out right in front of you and touch the floor with your palms. Now press your palms into the floor and slowly raise your legs off of the floor.

Keep going until you are in a headstand. From there, lower your feet slowly back to the floor. If you cannot do one rep, then hold the bottom position for time with your feet just a few inches off of the floor.

The last exercise is the Mahler Body Blaster which is an exercise that works just about every muscle in the body and when done in high reps sets of 25-30 will have you huffing and puffing in no time. Start the exercise by standing up and looking straight ahead. Go into a full squat and then do a half roll back.

Touch your feet to the floor behind your head and quickly reverse the motion. Roll forward into the bottom position of a squat. From there jump into the top position of a pushup. Do a pushup and then return back to the bottom position of the squat. Stand up and repeat. Save this exercise for the end of your workouts on the road as a finisher.

Try doing a circuit with the above exercises in which you go from one exercise to the next with short breaks. Do five circuits in one workout and keep the rep range between 5-10 on all of the exercises except for the Mahler Body Blaster. Save that for the end and work up to 25-50 repetitions in on set.

Handstand Pushups - 5-10 Reps

One-Arm Pushup - 5-10 Reps

Door Pull-up - 5-10 Reps

One Legged Squat - 5-10 Reps

Knee Jump - 5-10 Reps

Headstand Leg Raise - 5-10 Reps

Mahler Body Blaster - Work up to 25-50 Reps

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To your success,

Mike Thiga

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