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Perfect Pushup Form

How to do perfect push ups

Of all of the different types of bodyweight exercises that are typically done, perfect pushups are going to be one that you are going to want to include in your training. They are one of the most versatile upper body exercises that can be done and they work several parts of your body, from your chest and arms all the way to the core of your body if they are done properly.

A push-up is a relatively simple thing to do. You start in the plank position with your body straight from head to toe. Lift yourself up so that your arms are fully extended underneath you and your hands are flat on the floor with your fingers pointing straight forward. In a standard pushup, you will be resting on your toes but it is also possible for you will be resting with your knees on the floor in a modified position. This is perfectly fine and it can help you to build the strength necessary to do perfect pushups.

Begin lowering yourself slowly until your chest is just off of the floor. This is known as the negative movement for this exercise. Push yourself back up again until your arms are fully extended. This counts as one repetition.

This type of exercise can be done on a daily basis and many people set a goal for themselves as to how many they will be able to do without stopping. You might also enjoy modifying the push-up to a certain extent, either using push-up stands or perhaps resting your hands on cinder blocks or another elevated surface in order to give yourself more of a range of motion.

If you find yourself getting stuck while doing push-ups, try this simple exercise…

Put your body into the position where you tend to get stuck and hold a position as long as you possibly can. Continue to do this, changing positions as necessary until your body builds up the strength for you to be able to do this exercise properly.

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